ONE HUNDRED STARS: Kimonos, Robes, and More


Designed in the United Kingdom

It began in 2015 with two sisters and one shared dream: to bring their unique sense of style to the world. Today, that dream is a reality, as One Hundred Stars offers a breathtaking selection of chic apparel, including beautiful kimonos, cute & comfortable robes, stylish wrap scarves, dressing gowns, and much more. The children of a passionate seamstress and skilled upholsterer, Heather and Rona Stevenson of Sheffield, England, grew up in a house full of vibrant colors and patterns. Designing would be their destiny. It’s also what they love to do, and that love shines through in every stitch and seam. While each design has its own distinct personality (just like the people wearing them), common threads can be found in each piece of apparel: soothingly soft materials, effortlessly chic, and always easy to wear. If you love the idea of instant comfort, confidence, and style, you’ll love wearing One Hundred Stars.



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